Damson Cottage Garden

Our front garden (AKA the veg plot!)

I love to see our front garden full of veg! It just makes sense to grow veggies at the front of the house. We pass through all the time – and enjoy seeing our beautiful veggies grow and change through the seasons. We grab handfuls of weeds when passing through to give to the hens, or handfuls of veg when coming into the house for dinner. It’s great, it’s like having a mini free, organic supermarket at the front of the house!

Our front garden

When we bought the house the front garden was a gravel drive. We removed all the gravel and made use of old concrete slabs to divide the front garden into small 1m x 2m sections – easy bite sized chunks for different veg. They also make it easy for us to reach the plants without stepping on them.

Damson cottage garden

As you can probably tell, I’m a wimpy weeder. I see poppies and other ‘weeds’ shooting up between the veg and I can’t bring myself to pull them out! They look so beautiful and the hover flies love them. Perfect lines of manicured and weeded veg are alas, not for me! Here is our plan of the layout of the front garden.

Front garden

Damson cottage garden

We rotate the veg every year so the earth doesn’t get tired of the same plants robbing nutrients from it. It also stops disease and bugs building up. It’s a great idea to take a photo of the veg plot in the summer, so that next spring you remember where you planted everything, and can put them somewhere different this time.

I plan to always grow marigolds to line our front path. They are such reliable, easy to grow, strong little plants. They flower from spring to autumn, are traditional cottage garden plants and ward off certain pests to keep the veg happy.

Damson cottage garden french marigold path

We have 2 raised beds to the right of the path which James made and filled with sieved soil and well rotted manure. The courgettes and beetroot certainly seem to appreciate it. Behind that mass of leaves are tons of courgettes.

Growing veg in your front garden

I hope you enjoyed having a look at our tiny part of Cambridgeshire! Jane

4 Responses to Our front garden (AKA the veg plot!)

  1. CC says:

    Its beautiful, my idea of a perfect garden.

    • admin says:

      Thanks CC, Jane

  2. Cynthia says:

    You are so lucky to have such a beautiful garden

    • admin says:

      We really are, I do love having a garden, Jane

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