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Chamomile (and tea!)

Chamomile is definitley a favourite in our garden. It has frilly leaves and grows low to the ground, with small, white daisy-like flowers which smell like sweet apples. It easily seeds itself around the garden – I keep finding little plants all over the place, which I am very happy about!

Fresh chamomile tea is totally different to the rather boring bagged variety. We decided to have a go at making it. Fresh chamomile tea is super easy – just take a few fresh flowers and put them in a mug of hot water!

Homemade chamomile tea

James hunted around our garden to pick all of our chamomile flowers so we could dry them for tea.

Make chamomile tea

Here they are. They smell amazing.

Chamomile flowers to make tea

He soaked them in slightly salty water for 5 minutes to remove any bugs (we didn’t fancy bug tea!) and laid them out on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.

How to make chamomile tea

They went into the oven on its lowest setting (with the door left open so they wouldn’t burn). I turned off the oven after an hour and left the flowers in there over night. In the morning they were crisp and dry. Pop them in a jar, and you are done – I don’t think you can get a prettier cup of tea!

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea

James was a bit over enthusiastic with the number of flowers in this cuppa – usually we use 3-4 flowers which is just about right! Enjoy your tea, Jane

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