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Kale crisps

Kale is soooooooo good for you. It’s definitely a super food – packed with iron (per calorie more than beef!), tons of vitamins, omega 3 and antioxidants. However, kale can be a bit (dare I say it) boring… but not like this! These crisps are very crunchy and very moreish. We have made them every night this week! Thank goodness we have lots of curly kale.

They only take about 10 minutes to make – much quicker to make than potato chips, and loads healthier. All you need is a handful of curly kale, a teaspoon of oil and a pinch of salt. Oven at 180 C.

Kale chips

Kale crisps

To make the crisps get a large handful of kale and pull the leaves off the stalk, tear them into bite sized pieces and arrange them on a baking tray.

How to make kale crisps

How to make kale crisps
How to make kale snacks

For a baking tray this size you only need about 1 teaspoon of oil. Sprinkle it over the kale with a good pinch of salt. Scrunch the kale with your hands to make sure the oil evenly covers the leaves. Then bake for 8- 10 mins. When the crisps are done the leaves will be crunchy!

How to make kale crisps

Serve with cold drinks in a hot garden! Jane

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  1. sarah says:

    i always see kale chips in health food shops – I’m definitely going to make these!

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