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Strawberry mojito

Sarah makes the BEST mojitos ever!! They are particularly brilliant as they use up mint and we have heaps of it. She made these for us today – this is how…

Strawberry mojito

Strawberry mojito

Gather together your ingredients. You will need 6 mint leaves, half a lime, a teaspoon of brown sugar and 3 strawberries per glass. You also need good quality cloudy apple juice and ice too. 

Strawberry mojito

Strawberry mojito ingredients

In the bottom of a strong glass or jar muddle the lime, mint, sugar and strawberries.

Strawberry mojito

Muddle the strawberries, mint, lime and sugar

Strawberry mojito

Strawberry mojito – perfect summer drink

Half fill the glass with apple juice and give it a stir. Top all the way up with ice, traditionally mojitos are made with crushed ice, however we think they are just as nice (and easier) with ice cubes. Add a shot of rum if you fancy a boozy kick. They are brilliant! Jane

2 Responses to Strawberry mojito

  1. Maria Waddington says:

    Looks amazing and so pretty. You should write a book with garden and foodie tips.

    • admin says:

      Thats so kind of you, thank you. I would love to write a book, perhaps one day! Jane

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