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Squirrel buster review

Since putting up the bird feeders we have certainly had more visitors. Our grey squirrel population has never been higher.

Grey squirrel

We had 5 grey squirrels fighting over the bird feeder and stopping the birds getting their share.

Robin at bird feeder

We decided we needed to get a bird feeder, not a squirrel buffet. Hence the squirrel buster! A special bird feeder that does not cater to squirrels. When the weight of a squirrel rests on the feeder the base shuts off access to the seeds. You just have to make sure you hang it from a long wire otherwise the squirrel will perform acrobatics to get at its dinner!

Grey squirrel at bird feeder

Below you can see because of the weight of the squirrel the seeds are no longer accessible:

Grey squirrel at bird feeder


Grey squirrel at bird feeder

Bird feeder, not squirrel feeder!

Robin at bird feeder

I would certainly recommend one. The squirrels have given up and the birds are back. Jane

7 Responses to Squirrel buster review

  1. Greenfingers says:

    I read your post smiling as we had the same issue – bird feeders went up, followed by an influx of squirrels! We tried the cage feeders but the pesky devils can get in – looks like I will have to try the squirrel buster! Thanks

    • admin says:

      I didn’t realise the squirrels would raid it like they did! The feeders great and totally stopped them, just make sure its hung from a long wire, Jane

  2. Jo says:

    Awww the poor squirrels! You have foxed them – for now! We have one for the birds and one for the squirrels :)

    • admin says:

      Haha! Good idea – James put up another nut feeder today so they can help themselves! Jane

  3. Sally says:

    Great photos Jane, you need to let me have the camera details, my birthdays coming up!

    • admin says:

      I will do a post on my camera just for you! Jane

  4. Greenfingers says:

    Thanks Jane I will

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