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How to make a Chicken Run

I am so pleased to announce that we have finally finished our new chicken run and it’s brilliant! All of the credit goes to my husband who built it single handedly. I had the excuse of sowing seeds and preparing the veggie garden for spring.

We brainstormed that our new chicken run had to: 1. have a roof to stop the ground turning into a mud slide in the winter and to collect rain water, 2. be high enough to walk in to make it easier to clean and 3. have a concrete base to help with cleaning. Here is the finished article and how my husband made it.

Our chickens new home

Our chickens new home

We decided to build the run at the back of our garden. There was bare earth in that corner so James levelled the earth, and spread a layer of sharp sand over the entire area. He then laid a patio using old slabs and used a mixture of concrete and sharp sand between the cracks.

The frame of the chicken run

First James made this frame

All the timber was bought online. James first made this frame using 2×2 inch posts and planks of 4×1 around the base to reduce the amount of sawdust the chickens would kick into the garden! James made the back section higher than the front so the roof would slope forwards.

Run door

Then he added the run door

He screwed together 4 pieces of wood to make the door with two additional central supports to hold the hinges. I held the door in place while James attached the two posts either side of it, then he attached the door with hinges to the post on the right.

Next he added the roof supports by sawing notches in planks lying them across the front and back beams.

Next we added the roof supports

The roof supports were added next

James screwed in struts in between the planks for added support to the roof panels.

Struts for added roof support

Struts for added roof support

He covered the entire run with chicken wire using a staple gun, then nailed on the roof panels and attached the guttering. The guttering collects water from the roof and directs it to a water butt.

The finished chicken run

The finished article

The hens have never been happier… or cleaner! I hope our creation helps with your chicken run designs, Jane

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