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3 Plant Saucer Bird Baths

I totally underestimated how useful wild birds would find bird baths. I often see birds drinking from our leaf bird bath so I decided to make some more water sources around the garden. I made three bird baths from plant saucers.

I made this raised bird bath first. It was made by just assembling items on top of each other but it looks so great, was cheap and super easy to make and the birds love it – I must show it to you!

Terracotta bird bath

Too easy and makes the birds very happy!

I used a large terrocotta plant saucer, mine is 30cm across and cost about £5 from our local garden centre and balanced it on top of our old chimney pot. You could use an upside down plant pot if you can’t get your hands on a chimney pot.

I decided where I wanted to put it and levelled the ground. Try not to put it next to hiding places that predators could use to ambush the birds – generally somewhere open is better, with shrubs a couple of meters away for the birds to hide in if they get spooked. Apparently birds find bird baths so luxurious they forget to look out for predators!

Simply place the saucer on top of the base and put some pebbles in it for the birds to grip onto. This also creates different depths of water so tiny birds can stand in the shallow end!

Make a plant saucer bird bath

Pebbles to help small birds get out

While I was in construction mode I made another bird bath using bricks as a base. I stacked the bricks to make a column about 35cm high. This height of column was stable without using cement to stick the bricks together. It also means I can move it easily if I decide I want to. A taller column or a very windy garden would need cement to hold it all in place.

How to make a bird bath

Another bird bath using bricks for a base

The third plant saucer bird bath was made by placing a plastic plant saucer in a hanging basket and hanging it in our damson tree. Totally out of the way of predators.

Hanging bird bath

I chose a plastic plant saucer that fitted perfectly inside my hanging basket

Hanging bird bath

Make sure you don’t give yourself a cold shower when you hang it up!

Ta da! 3 lovely bird baths. Just keep them topped up, especially on hot days for happy birds. Jane

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