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Coconut Bird Feeder

Today I made this coconut bird feeder. The birds seem to love it, the only problem is when I try to get close enough to photograph them they disappear, I will have to get a paparazzi lens for my camera to catch them enjoying it!

Coconut bird feeder

My lovely bird feeder

I found myself staring at a coconut and thinking – how on earth do I open this thing?! This is how I did it.


Anyone else think coconuts are cute?!

I did my research and after trying several methods I came across one that worked… the concrete method! First make a hole with a sharp knife in one of the spots on the top. These are a weak point. When you have removed the brown shell from this spot use a skewer to make a hole and pour the water into a cup. This stops you getting covered in coconut water when you split it.

How to open a coconut

Use a knife to make a hole where one of the spots are

Take your coconut and imagine there is a line going all the way around the middle. Tap the coconut along this line against a concrete edge – like a curb or a slab. Just when it seems like nothing is ever going to happen the coconut magically splits into two.

How to open a coconut

Drill a hole in each side to hang the feeder from.

How to make a coconut bird feeder

Drill a hole in the side

You can hang the coconut up like this and the birds will eat the fruit. Alternatively scoop out the middle to eat the coconut yourself!

How to make a coconut bird feeder

When the coconut fruit has all been removed you have a shell for your feeder.

How to make a coconut bird feeder

Melt 1/3 fat to 2/3 seed. You can use lard or suet – but not margarine, apparently its too soft and will mess up their feathers. I melted suet in the microwave – it only needs 20 seconds or so – and then stir in the seed. Put this mixture into your coconut half and put it in the fridge to set.

Coconut bird feeder

 I hung my feeder on the branches of the damson tree, in the centre of our back garden. Have a go, the birds will love you for it! Jane

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