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How to make a Cat Run

Our wonderful elderly rescue cats Dylan and Marley are unfortunately as wimpy as they are cute. They get beaten up by the neighbours’ cats when they venture outside our garden. It’s not only neighbours cats, Marley once got chased by a bird! To avoid the cost from vets bills (and the smell from the cat litter tray in the house) we decided to build them a cat run.

Additional advantages are no ‘presents’ from the wildlife they decide to bring in and no worry about them getting run over on the road. It also gives them more room and fresh air. This is how we did it.

Our cat run outside our back door

Our cat run

We decided to build a walk in run directly outside our back door on the gravel patio. We looked for ages at purpose built cat runs but there are so few to choose from and they tended to be the wrong size or shape for our garden. We therefore decided to build one ourselves. All of the wood was bought online and it cost about £150 for all the equipment. Its definitely a two person job and took a weekend to build.

First we screwed two of the tallest 4×4 inch posts to the 1×4 plank (1) to form the part of the run that sits against the house. We then attached a sheet of trellis to form one of the sides (2) and screwed the trellis the third 4×4 post (3). We repeated this for the next sheet of trellis and the fourth 4×4 post (4)

First build the wallsSteps on making a cat run

How to build a cat run – First build the walls

We then screwed the final 4×4 post across the top of the two front pillars using brackets. The doors were made by sawing a sheet of trellis into two and attaching it to the 4×4 posts using hinges, this allows us to fully open one wall of the cat run.

Trellis doors

Attach the trellis doors

We added a sloped roof by using 5 planks with two notches cut into each of them- one at either end. This took a while as we had to hold each plank into the position it was to go on the roof, then draw in pencil the size and shape of the notch we needed. They were fitted onto the front and back beams.

Clear plastic sheeting for the roof of the cat run

 Smaller lengths of wood were added between these to add strength and as a support for the plastic corrugated roof sheets.

The roof

The roof… Lovely blue sky

Finally I stapled special netting to the walls, this was bought from zooplus, it is designed specifically for cat runs and it is bite proof. We have had it for over a year now and it has been brilliant – no more cat fights, two happy moggies  and most importantly no more cat litter smell in the house- Brilliant!

Happy cat run building! Jane


2 Responses to How to make a Cat Run

  1. Peter says:

    It is obviously so great that you care so much for the welfare and well-being of your elderly rescue cats – just as much as you do for your feathery guests! They haven’t got a clue how very lucky they all are! I would really like to see some photos of your charismatic, wimpy, cute cats on this brilliant site. Thank you! Keep up the excellent work!

    • admin says:

      You are right, we do love our animals! I will be putting some pics of the cats up soon so watch this space. Thanks for reading, Jane

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