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Homemade seed box

Until today my seed storage box was very old, cardboard, piled high with seed packets, with a thick layer of assorted seeds rolling around the bottom. Certainly functional, but not attractive – time to sort it out. I wanted to use an old wooden wine box, which would have been fantastic, but they are hard to come by and I didn’t fancy paying £10 for one, which I (being a bit stingy) think is too much to pay for what is essentially old packaging!

I therefore went to Cambridge Wood Works, a fantastic wood recycling place, and bought some outdoor quality ply wood to make my box. The most fun thing about making this box was making the marrow stamps for the letters – definitely recommended!!

How to make a seed box

To make this box you need a plank of ply wood 28cm in diameter cut into the following dimensions:

Seed box dimensions

Seed box dimensions in centimetres. S= side

I used wood glue to hold my pieces together. When the glue had dried I used nails at the joints to make sure the box will stay strong.

Making a seed box

I painted the box and thought it looked a bit plain so I thought about making some potato style stamps. Unfortunately we only had tiny new potatoes, and lots of marrows, so I made marrow stamps instead! They worked brilliantly. Just cut your marrow into 3cm thick slices and carve a letter shape into it. I drew my letters on paper first, cut out the paper letters and placed them on my marrow (backwards) to use as a stencil. Im so pleased with how they turned out. I had to refrain from stamping everything in the house!

Courgette letter stamps

Make a seed box

You can make cardboard dividers to organise the seeds into the months they need to be sown.

Homemade seed box

Much tidier than an old cardboard box! Jane

2 Responses to Homemade seed box

  1. CC says:

    Cambridge wood works is the best :)

    • admin says:

      A great find, thanks CC, Jane

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