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Homemade soap

Soap making is so satisfying – I am hooked! It’s a brilliant way of using some of the Summer flowers and herbs and getting the essence of Summer in the depths of a hot winter bath! It’s remarkably easy and looks like expensive, fancy soap.

I ordered vegetable ‘melt and pour’ soap from Amazon. It comes in a big unscented white (or clear) block. Melt and pour soap is the best for beginners – it’s certainly the easiest way to start your soap making adventures!

Melt and pour soap

Cut up your soap and put in a double boiler – I used a pan (bought from a charity shop) over another pan of simmering water. If you heat the pan with the soap in directly it will burn.

Marigold petal soap

Add whatever you want to the liquid soap mixture. Dried marigold petals work brilliantly, they turn the soap a lovely pale yellow colour and are supposed to be packed with antioxidants – great for your skin. I picked my petals on a rainy Saturday afternoon and dried them next to our stove.

Drying marigold flowers

Juice cartons make great soap moulds.

Juice cartons as soap moulds

Leave your soap to cool and harden over night. Then, peel back the carton and use a sharp knife to chop your soap into blocks.┬áIt’s best to use dried leaves or petals to decorate your soap. If the leaves and petals aren’t dried your soap will have too high a water content and will not keep as long. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the soap to give it a lovely smell.

I made three soaps – one with dried marigold petals, another with dried mint leaves which smell super fresh – great to wake you up in the morning, and a final soap with dried lavender flowers and lavender essential oil – great to put you to sleep.

Mint and marigold soap

Store your soap in cling film or air tight containers to keep it fresh. Melt and pour soap doesn’t keep as long as store bought soap so it’s best to make small quantities when you need it. Have a go and let me know how you get on! Jane

Homemade lavender soap


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    So beautiful, thanks so much for your beautiful site. It’s so sunny :)

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      :) Thats lovely to hear, Jane

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