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Make a free Christmas wreath

‘Tis the season to deck the halls with boughs of holly! In our case we have been gathering bits from the garden and roadside to make our front door look welcoming and festive. It’s easy to make and satisfied my appetite to make something for free.

We made this wreath while listening to Christmas carols on repeat, from some long ‘willow like’ flexible sticks growing from stumps of recently felled trees and thick bunches of holly and ivy.┬áTake one of your sticks and gently bend it into a circle – then fasten with wire.

Making a christmas wreath

Making a christmas wreath

This is the base around which you build the frame of the wreath. Soften each stick by bending it slightly, then gently twist it around the first ring. Keep adding sticks until you have a wreath shape!

Making a free christmas wreath

A few sticking out bits are fine and all add to the rustic nature of the wreath – any bits that stick out too much can be secured with wire. The wreath can be used like this as a simple classic, or with added foliage or ribbon. I decided to use the greenery we gathered from the garden.

Making a free christmas wreath

Cut each bit of greenery to about 6 inches in length and push them into the frame. It looks best if you put them all in at a similar angle.

Making a free christmas wreath with bits from the garden

Next wrap some ribbon around the wreath and hang it. You can add pine cones, dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, or ribbon to fancy it up. I am keeping mine quite natural as I think the berries look fab just as they are.

Making a free christmas wreath

Lovely! Let me know how your wreath making goes, Jane

Making a free christmas wreath

6 Responses to Make a free Christmas wreath

  1. Maria Waddington says:

    Good to see you back and full of lovely ideas.

  2. Lucy says:

    Beautiful and free. We had a go this Christmas and it turned out much better than I thought :) We added glittery bows :)

    • admin says:

      Good for you! Send me a pic! Jane

  3. Greenfingers says:

    Beautiful wreath, i would love to do this

    • admin says:

      Have a go – if I can anyone can. Send me a photo! Jane

  4. Peter says:

    A lovely addition to any front door!
    Hand me my secateurs!

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