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Making lavender candles

I love the smell of lavender and want my house to be filled with it! To this end I decided to make some lavender candles – it’s super easy and very satisfying, looks great too and would make a lovely present.

To make them you need – wax (bees, paraffin or soya – the choice is yours), fresh or dried lavender flowers and leaves chopped, an old saucepan (I bought mine for 50p at a local charity shop), moulds (you can use bought, candle specific moulds or use jars, old glasses or tins), wick, wick supports and a few drops of essential oils.

Making lavender candles

I bought the wax, wick and wick supports online. I have used bees, paraffin and soya wax in the past and like them all. I like the soya wax as it smells slightly sweet and comes in flakes, which look like white chocolate. The paraffin wax looks a little more boring, but makes lovely candles and the bees wax smells like honey, but is more expensive than the others.

Soya and paraffin wax

The wax needs to be gently melted in an old saucepan, heated by placing it in a larger saucepan of hot water. You can’t heat the wax pan directly as it will burn.

Make fresh lavender candles

When the wax has melted add about 10 drops of the essential oil per candle and your leaves and flowers. Attach the wick to its support and arrange it in the mould, then pour your waxy mixture in.

Making lavender candles

I made some candles in old jam jars too…

Homemade lavender candles

They smell lovely and look so pretty. If you have never tried candle making before I would definitely recommend having a go! Jane

4 Responses to Making lavender candles

  1. Sarah Berresford says:

    awesome! i’m going to do this…maybe it would work with rose? hmmm i’ll try!

    • admin says:

      Ooh yes – rose petals would be lovely. I wonder if you can get rose essential oils, I will have to look out for them :) Jane

  2. Cynthia says:

    They are lovely – I bet your house smells incredible

    • admin says:

      Yes – when the candles are lit!!! Jane

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