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Paper flowers in trees

A beautiful wedding we recently attended had paper flowers hung in the trees and they looked gorgeous. Today I made my own paper flowers to decorate the garden for Summer entertaining! They are easy to make. You just need tissue paper, split paper pins and scissors – a great mini project.

How to make paper flowers to hang in trees

My paper flowers

Paper flowers hung in the trees

Paper flowers in trees

My inspiration

Cut your tissue paper into squares, about 7 inches wide. Then, fold the square into a triangle, then the triangle into another triangle!

Make paper flowers

When your paper is folded like this…

Paper flowers to hang in trees

… cut the end into a petal shape.

Make paper flowers

Unfold the paper and you will have lots of flower shapes. Pile 8 of these shapes on top of each other and push a pin through the centre. I used 6 flower shapes of this size and two smaller ones at the top and bottom of the stack.

How to make tissue paper flowers

They look best scrunched up a bit – especially the middle. Hang in the trees to brighten your garden. Perfect for after work BBQs in this amazing weather. Jane

My homemade tissue paper flowers

Paper flowers in trees

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