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August week 3… Drying mint and candling eggs

Hi friends! This week we have been drying mint from the garden. The small, timid looking mint plants we moved into the beds in Spring seem to have taken over into massive swathes of menthol greenery. We cut four large bunches of mint and hung them upside down in the outside porch for a week. When the leaves started to crisp up we crumbled them into jars so we can drink mint tea and eat minty potatoes in winter when our mint plants have disappeared for the season.

How to dry mint for tea

Cutting back about half your mint at this time of year is a good way of getting the plants to produce more fresh young leaves – the sweetest and most tender for eating.

As you probably know (from last week’s post) we are hatching Pekin Bantam chicken eggs at the moment. We have been turning the eggs three times a day and last night candled the eggs to check to see if the chicks are growing. They are!! Its so fascinating to see the egg contents change daily as the chicks grow and develop.

It’s best to see what’s going on inside your egg in a darkened room. Just hold a torch really close to the egg shell and have a look at the glowing insides. The photo below was taken on day 6, you can start to see blood vessels.

Candling eggs

And on day 8 a dark patch emerging…

Candling eggs

So exciting! The chicks develop so quickly, it really is incredible.

We have both had a super busy week at work and a wedding this weekend, so except from harvesting courgettes and beans our garden has been left to its own devices, enjoying the rain!

Harvesting green beans

Hope you’ve had a great week, Jane

2 Responses to August week 3… Drying mint and candling eggs

  1. sarah says:

    woah being able to see the chicks growing is kind of weird! so cool though hahaha xx

    • admin says:

      I know it’s so amazing, and so quick. Not long until they hatch now… so excited. We can’t wait to meet our little lemons! Jane

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