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July week 1… Basil, chillies and tomatoes

Summer really is here – it’s scorching outside today. This week has consisted of watering and harvesting. Every time James comes into the house he seems to be carrying a handful of peas, mange tout or strawberries.

The tomatoes, chillies and basil plants are doing so well in my plant tent. I am so proud! We have our first chilli!

Growing tomatoes and chillies

I feed the tomatoes, chillies and basil twice a week with liquid, organic plant feed.

Growing chillies

Our first chilli

Basil originates from tropical Asia and really likes the heat in my plant tent. I spent ages re-potting it this week, as it was out growing my trays. It needs the same conditions as tomatoes – sunshine, heat, rich soil and regular watering. I can’t wait to make gallons of pesto with it. Apparently pesto freezes really well, so I intend to use it in the Winter to remind me of Summer.

Growing basil

I also re-potted the tomato and chilli seedlings I grew from my kitchen veg. They seem to be growing very strongly. I will keep you posted on whether they produce a good crop. I think I need a bigger plant tent!

Tomato an chilli seedlings from my kitchen seeds

Tomato and chilli seedlings from my kitchen seeds

Marley, our lovely persian chinchilla rescue cat helped. He loves sitting in the front garden and watching the world go by.

Our gold chinchilla persian - Marley

Marley - Our golden persian chinchilla cat

We are off up North this week for a wedding, really looking forward to it. We are stopping off at Clumber Park, near Nottingham. I love Clumber Park, brilliant picnic spot! Have a great week, Jane

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