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July week 3… Bugs and radish pods

This week there have been loads of bug sightings in our garden. Our poor nasturtiums have been covered in little blackfly for about a week now. I have resisted doing anything about it – my patience appears to have paid off.

Nasturtiums with black fly infestation

The ladybirds have moved in to eat them! I am hoping that leaving the blackfly on the nasturtiums will help the ladybirds, which in turn will help my veggies.

Ladybird eating blackfly

We found this violet ground beetle scuttling across the patio. Apparently they are usually nocturnal hunters – they eat slugs, worms and other insects – a friend to the gardener. This beetle had such a striking purple coat.

Violet ground beetle

I had to hurry to get this photo of a may bug before it flew off. They are very large (slightly scary!) humming, flying beetles. They have great fuzzy antenna. Perhaps not so great for the garden (as they like to eat the plants), but a good snack for bats and birds.

May bug

 As well as bug watching we have found a way to use the radish plants without eating the radishes (we discovered we dont like icicle radishes after planting 40 of them!). You can let the plants bolt and flower, which they will happily do if you leave them in the ground. They grow about 4 feet tall, produce pretty white flowers and spicy green pods. Great on salads.

Pods from bolted radish

Pods from bolted radish

Before I go I must show you my cut and come again lettuce leaves. I spread the seeds on 1st July and now (19th July) they are ready to start cutting! Great for my ‘self sufficient in lettuce’ plan!

Cut and come again lettuce

Looks like it’s going to be another hot weekend. Yippee for gardens! Jane

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