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July week 4… butternut squash (in the lawn!)

Thank goodness for the rain this week. Our rain dances seem to have paid off!! You can see below how brown our lawn has become. But fear not, it will soon turn green again when the rain has had a chance to be absorbed.

This week we were pondering where to plant our butternut squash (the ones we grew from the kitchen seeds). Our conversation went as follows – ‘We have no room for butternut squash, all of our beds are full of plants’, ‘Well, we could dig up the lawn and re-seed it in Autumn’, ‘Great idea, where’s the spade!?’

Here are our butternut squash plants:

Butternut squash

Here they are in the lawn! We dug a deep hole, added a generous amount of well rotted manure (as all squashes are hungry plants) and lay slate around them so the grass will not out compete them.

Butternut squash in the lawn

We also finally got round to putting up two bird houses – we have been meaning to do for ages!

Bird houses

The rules of bird house placement are:

- 2-4m high. A spot difficult/impossible for cats and other predators to reach

- East facing if possible

- No clutter in front of the bird box, so the birds have a clear flight path

We put one 3m high on the side of a building and another on the apex of a tall shed.

Bird houses

This week we also rescued the kale from handfuls of caterpillars – the chickens were delighted!

Caterpillars picked off the kale

The yellow and black caterpillars in this photo are from large white butterflies, otherwise known as cabbage whites. They are the enemy of cabbage growers as they love their greens and can turn your beautiful brassicas into skeletons! We are not sure what butterflies the green caterpillars are from, my neighbour suggested a type of moth? Perhaps a leek moth – Let me know if you know!

Hope you enjoyed your garden this week, Jane

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