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June week 3… Village Halls and Perfect Veg

This week our village had a garden open day to raise money for the village hall. People opened up their gardens to the public and it was so interesting to see the secret gardens behind familiar houses. People really do spend so much time and have so much pride and interest in their gardens. We met a lot of friendly locals and, of course, had tea and cakes in the village hall. We came away with loads of inspiration for our plot.

Cakes at the village hall

Great British bake off at the village hall!

One lady had a small but totally beautiful garden. She used every inch of space and created so much interest. I love this garden mirror. It really made the space seem bigger. I am definitely going to try something similar in our garden.

Garden mirror

Garden mirror

I must grow some clematis through trees, I love this look.

Flowers in the trees

Clematis in the trees

We visited the allotments and met an extremely knowledgable chap who was self sufficient from his allotment alone. Definitely an inspiration. He used string to make sure the lines were straight when he sowed his veg.

Spring onions

Impossibly straight lines of spring onions

Strawberries grown in fruit cages

Strawberries grown in fruit cages to protect from birds and deer

Great private gardens that are hardly ever seen, we feel very privileged to have been given an opportunity to enjoy them. This week in our garden we have been harvesting gooseberries and the first strawberries. We have been making gooseberry everything! Keep posted for gooseberry danishes, they are brilliant! Have a great weekend, Jane

2 Responses to June week 3… Village Halls and Perfect Veg

  1. Jeff humphries says:

    We grow clematis through a speller apple trees, they do add colour after the blossom has set although a keen gardener has advised against owing to pest borne problems, we haven’t had any problems in 4 years.

    • admin says:

      I think we will give it a try too, it looks so beautiful, Jane

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