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June week 4… Spinach beet, kale (and onions!)

Everything’s growing! This week we started to pick veggies from the garden – thank goodness (we are a bit overdue on a supermarket shop!). It’s amazing to think that we only planted the seeds in April and here we are with our own veg.

I love to grow spinach beet – its much easier to grow than the spinach you usually see in the shops. It doesn’t tend to bolt (grow a long stem to flower) and is generally more tolerant in normal garden conditions. It’s a classic cut and come again crop – you just snip off the number of leaves you need for your recipe and more will grow. If you sow the seeds now you will have leaves all Summer and if you sow it in August you get Winter leaves.

When the leaves are tender and young, we eat them just like spinach. Larger leaves need a bit more cooking – I always grow loads as the chickens love them too!

Growing spinach beet

Spinach beet

Our dwarf kale are ready to harvest too. I usually take one leaf from each plant which gives us enough for dinner.

Dwarf kale

Dwarf kale

This week (yes, this week at the end of June!) we sowed some onion and shallot sets – most gardeners will probably inhale a sharp breath of concern about this! Yes you are supposed to plant the mini bulbs in Spring – this year we forgot, found the bulbs in the shed and thought we’d give it a go!

Growing onions and shallots

Onions and shallot sets

Growing onions and shallots

Onions and shallots placed about 1 inch in the soil. We covered them over and will cross our fingers!

Finally we planted some tomato plants in this hanging basket at the start of the week – they looked very sad and droopy but seem to have picked up now. They are a climbing cherry tomato variety. I will keep feeding them with our organic plant feed and make sure they don’t dry out. I put a slate on the top to reduce evaporation from the basket.

Tomatoes in hanging baskets

Tomatoes in hanging baskets

Happy growing! Jane

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