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September week 2… the seasons change

This week it really has felt as if the seasons are changing – Autumn is coming. The ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ is just starting to make it’s presence known. Some of the bigger trees in Cambridge have become flecked with gold and the air has felt cooler. We have had brilliant mists this week – they rival snow in their ability to make the garden feel quiet and still.

It’s a brilliant time in the garden, all the work of Spring is far behind us and we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour. We are still picking courgettes, tomatoes, kale, cabbages, beans and peas. In fact we are having french beans with every meal as we have so many – If you have any french bean recipes please do let me know!

Our butternut squash plants (grown from kitchen seed) are coming along well. I’m soooooooo excited that they have started to flower – the fruit will (hopefully) follow. I wonder where the parent plants of my little seeds were grown – perhaps on a big farm in Canada? It’s great to think that the seeds were still fertile despite the fruit been taken so far from where it planted its roots and ending up growing in my garden in Cambridgeshire.

Growing butternut squash

I’m not doing anything special to my butternut squash plants, except feeding them with a liquid organic fertiliser once a week and trying to keep the grass from out competing them!

The bug house seems to have been a success. The hollows in the bamboo canes have been plugged by the solitary bees who have laid their eggs in the tubes. I feel rather smug that the bees seem to have preferred by homemade bug house to the bought house. Possibly this is due to the tube size – which is smaller in my homemade version, or it could be the position of the houses. The homemade house is facing South, whereas the bought house is facing East.

Solitary bee house

Our chicks are growing up fast. Every night before they go to sleep they eat so much their crops (a sort of food store on their chests) puff out – I think they are eating their own weight in food every day at the moment. Hope you are having a great week, Jane

Lemon pekin chick

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