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June Week 2… Plant Tents

I love this time of year, everything in the garden is so fresh and the plants change daily. I was inspired by the sunshine last week to grow some sunshine veg – chillies, tomatoes, sweet peppers, basil and coriander are foods that make me think of summer. My lovely friend gave me a mini greenhouse – a sort of plant tent really. I put it in a sunny spot on some flag stones in the hope they will absorb the suns heat and keep the plants warm at night.

Our mini greenhouse

Chilli, sweet pepper, basil, coriander and tomato seeds sown in our plant tent!

This week I filled my mini greenhouse with seeds and young plants. I bought two chilli plants from Cambridge market which I am super excited about – I love different varieties. I got one ‘sweet banana’ (yellow of course) and one ‘gusto green’ chilli.

Growing chillies, tomatoes, basil and coriander

Small plants and seeds in the tent

Our chives are so beautiful in flower at the moment. I only had one bunch at the start of the year and in early April I split the plant into four new plants. You simply dig up the bunch and use a sharp spade to separate it into four plants. This is best done in spring. They have recovered really well and are all flowering, the bees love them.

Chives, bumble bee

Bumble bee enjoying our chive flowers

This week we protected our strawberry plants from the birds. The berries are very well developed now and as soon as they turn red the birds will want them as much as we do. I am keeping them well watered and gave them some organic plant food to help them out while they are producing berries.

Strawberries on the plant

Hopefully its going to be a good year for strawberries

We used a panel from our old chicken run to protect the strawberries

Protecting strawberries

Hopefully this will deter the birds from pinching our strawberries.

We may have to use netting on the sides but this may be enough, we will see how determined the birds are this year!

I must show you our pansies, they seem to have exploded! My mum planted them for me in troughs next to our front door and they are so bright and beautiful. They were planted in the gloom of February in compost and have given us the illusion of sunshine on even the darkest days. I am definitely going to plant them again next year.

Growing pansies

Explosion of colour next to our front door.

I have been dead heading them (pulling off the flower heads that have began to die) and keeping them watered during this dry spell and they have flowered and flowered.


So beautiful

I have picked these flowers as I am going to try my hand at pressing them… Watch this space! I hope you have enjoyed your garden this week, Jane

4 Responses to June Week 2… Plant Tents

  1. Marion Kean says:

    I really look forward to see what you have been doing. The blog is so well written and is friendly and interesting. I love the chives, we have planted some in a hanging basket, can’t wait for them to flower. X

    • admin says:

      What a great idea to put chives in a hanging basket. I may try a hanging basket herb garden!

  2. Maria waddington says:

    I use them to decorate cakes with, brush them with egg whites and dip in caster sugar, then leave to dry before using. Really pretty for a birthday or special cake.

    • admin says:

      What a great idea, I will definitely try it! Thanks, Jane

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