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Courgette Challenge!

Hello gardeners! I challenge you all to a courgette growing competition! Ok, so there’s no prize, except the satisfaction of knowing you are the winner and of course lots of courgettes from your attempt. The winner is the person who harvests the most courgettes from a plant.

If I could only grow one vegetable it would be the courgette. They are easy to grow and a happy plant will give you handfuls of courgettes as a reward for your care. I love Mediterranean-style food, to which the courgette lends itself so well. Courgettes will turn into marrows if left to their own devices on the plant – so you can make courgette and marrow recipes from the same plant. Courgettes are quite expensive to buy in supermarkets but cheap to grow. A plant will cost you less than £1 and you will get about 20 courgettes – less than 5p each… what a bargain! The best courgette plant we ever grew was bought from a stall outside someones house for 15p – the plant must have been 3m long and we had so many courgettes we had to have courgette in every meal!

How to grow courgettes

Last years courgettes

This year I sowed my courgette seed in the cold frame in April. I filled pots with ordinary multipurpose compost, pushed the seed about 1 inch into the soil and gave them a drink of water.

Zucchini seed

Courgette seed

From the five seeds I sowed I got four healthy plants.

Growing zucchini

Our young courgette plants in the cold frame

Last week I planted the young plants into our new raised bed. This bed was prepared by digging some well rotted manure into the soil.

Young courgette plant in its new home

Our courgette plant in its new home, fingers crossed for a bumper crop this year

To make a courgette happy they want: sun, water, food… like we all do! I always:

- Plant them in a sunny spot. They prefer to be put into a bed rather than a pot, but if you need to use a pot make sure its large and packed with compost. James dug well rotted manure into one of our raised beds for the courgettes. They will grow to be large plants – about 1m across, so give them plenty of room.

- Keep them watered.

To get a bumper crop you can give them some plant food designed for vegetables. I usually don’t feed my courgette plants – I just make sure they have good compost and water them regularly and they (so far) have always looked happy and delivered lots of courgettes. Each to their own.

How to grow courgettes

Courgettes in the raised bed. I think I think the middle one looks like the winner of the courgette challenge!

I planted my courgette plants 1 foot apart and filled the spaces with dwarf kale which I intend to pick when the courgette leaves start to compete with it.

Go on, have a go! Let me know how you get on with the courgette challenge! Jane

2 Responses to Courgette Challenge!

  1. Maria Waddington says:

    I am also growing courgettes again, I grow mine in a large pot with compost.They seem to do well and are tasty to eat. However, the northern sun rays are not as warm as your southern rays.

    • admin says:

      Thats definitely true. We were so surprised when we moved down south how different the growing conditions are. I’m glad you have had success with courgettes in pots. Its so lovely to have you with us, Jane

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