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Pinching out Peas

I did an experiment last year where I grew two batches of peas, sweet peas and mangetout. One batch was pinched out and the other batch was left to its own devices. For the first month the peas that were left to their own devices were taller but then the pinched out lot took over and turned into much stronger, bushier plants. I got more pea pods, mangetout and flowers on the pinched out plants, so this year I am pinching out all of them.

Pinching out is very quick and easy. Wait until the plants have grown to about 6 inches high, then pinch off the top few leaves.

Pinch the top few leaves off the small plant

Pinch the top few leaves off the small plant

Make sure you pinch just above the next lot of leaves.

Pinch just above the next pair of leaves

Pinch off the top of the stem, just above the next pair of leaves

You can eat the tips of the pea and mangetout plants, we made a big salad with them. I will be growing more pea shoots just for the salad leaves which have a lovely fresh pea-like taste. I wouldn’t risk eating the sweet pea tips though!

After pinching out my peas they are ready to be put into beds with homemade support frames for them to scramble up. They prefer a sunny spot in sandy soil. I always dig in some well rotted manure or compost before planting them. Now all I have to do is wait for the flowers, then the peas. Jane

2 Responses to Pinching out Peas

  1. Sarah Berresford says:

    Cool post! Thanks, I love making pea salads!

    • admin says:

      Me too, pea salads are the best. Glad you like the post, Jane

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