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Seeds from the Kitchen

I have always wondered whether the seeds from supermarket veg would grow in my garden and produce fruit and veg, so two weeks ago I gave it a try. I took the seeds directly from the fruit or vegetable and planted them in compost.

Butternut squash seeds

Butternut squash seeds

Tomato seeds

Tomato seeds

Our kitchen seeds

Our kitchen seeds – Peach, tomato, butternut squash and chilli

I didn’t dry the seeds, I just picked them from the fresh veg and put them in compost. Its two weeks later now and the tomato and butternut squash seeds have began to germinate. I am still waiting for the peach and chilli seedlings to appear.

Tomato seedlings

Tomato seedlings – all from half a cherry tomato!


Butternut squash seedlings

Butternut squash seedlings – 4 out of 8 sown have germinated

I will keep you posted and let you know if I get any fruit and veg from my supermarket veg seeds! Let me know if you have had any success doing this, Jane

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