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Vegetables from Seed

My grandad once said to me ‘you don’t buy a garden, you grow a garden’, and with this in mind, I decided to grow all our vegetables and annual flowers from seed. I used to be intimidated growing plants from seed, but it’s really easy and quite relaxing. This spring, Sarah and I sat in the sun chatting and filling pots with compost and seeds – really easy.

My seeds

My good value seeds!

Its so much cheaper than buying small plants, and interesting to see all the different shapes and sizes of seed and watch them germinate and grow.

Seeds for the vegetable plot

Seeds for our garden

I sowed the first batch of seeds in early Spring – as soon as weeds began to germinate in the beds. In this early batch, I planted peas, mange tout, broad and runner beans, lettuce, kale and cabbage in trays in the cold frame. I get the plant trays free from the garden centre – they have a great recycling scheme where you leave unwanted trays and swap them for ones you want. I also planted nasturtiums, sweet peas and marigolds.

Our dinner in a few months time

Our dinner in a few months time

When the young plants look big enough and I am confident the frosts have finished I plant them out.

Newly positioned dwarf kale

Newly positioned dwarf kale

Young lettuce in its new home

Young lettuce in its new home

Root veg generally prefer not to be moved. I sow them directly into the ground making sure to put a stick at each side of the line to help me remember where I put them.

You don’t have to sow seeds in Spring, lots of veg can be sown into late Summer. Radish and lettuce can be sown all year round. Radish in particular is very quick to turn from seed into food on your plate- about 4 weeks. Cut and come again salad leaves can be ready to start cutting within 3 weeks of sowing. I sow basil and coriander seeds all year round and keep the plants indoors unless its very warm outside. I love to cook with big handfuls of fresh herbs so am always sowing them.

Happy sowing, Jane


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